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"Bank Holiday sunshine"

Bank Holiday sunshine
by Helen Jameson April 30th, 2022

Bank Holiday sunshine

Bank holiday weekend is here and now ……………………. Yes, there may be sunshine but that really doesn’t matter does it? Enjoy you’re weekend and your Monday too, you deserve to, you know you do.

And yes, I can hear you say to yourself, as you’re reading this blog, “Helen, it’s been three months since you last updated your blog” and that’s true. It’s also true that I haven’t disappeared over the last three months. My website is always online, as is, my Twitter and Instagram profiles are also available to view.

I have mentioned in a previous post, the fact that the expense of a photo shoot over the last two years is nigh on impossible. As the cost would be north of £1,500, yes you read that correctly, £1,500. And no, I’m certainly not moaning or whinging on about that fact. As I’m truly grateful to be on the other side of the pandemic. There are sadly, many thousands who never survived. And I honestly, do not want anyone to say “Hi Helen, if you want some photographs, I have a camera” No, no, no !!!

So moving on …………………….

Making contact via email is brilliant, it gives you the opportunity to add a few details about yourself, your preferred date/s, your chosen hotel etc., etc.,

But please, just before you press the ‘send’ button, do make sure that you’ve mentioned all relevant info.

Now you may smile, as you read the following sentence. I will not enter into what I would call ping-pong emails.

Eg., I’ll not enter into the to and fro, of never ending emails, which frankly, after two years of a pandemic, is unnecessary. Be genuine for goodness sake.

On a lighter note, as I’m typing out this blog post, the sun is shining and I’m heading out for a long, refreshing walk.

I hope you enjoy a fabulous Bank Holiday.

As we all realise life is so precious, make wonderful memories.

And remember ‘he who hesitates is lost’

Why oh why hesitate………….

07955 302342

Rest assured my email address is secure for us both. Discretion always paramount.

Helen xxxxxx

Published: April 30th, 2022

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