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"January Snow"

January Snow
by Helen Jameson January 25th, 2021

January 2021 already…………………………………. And although the months of 2020 have passed, my heart goes out to everyone whose family has lost someone to Coronavirus.

The 1st jab of vaccine has now been given to 6.5 million vulnerable people through the U.K. and yes, you may well already be aware of this on recent news feeds. But I have to mention it because, I personally think it is an amazing achievement. Lock down, in my humble opinion will not be lifted until May or June.

Obviously I wish it were much, much sooner, as I imagine you do too. As times are getting tougher and tougher January will roll into February, then March, then April …………. But lives do of course have to be protected.

With now those shopping trips to Aldi being less and less frequent. But thank heavens for the ‘yellow sticker’ reduced bargains, that you’ll find at certain times( yes, I’m an expert now at knowing when the staff at Aldi put those yellow stickers on those bargains)

Perhaps it’s the case that I shouldn’t reach out via this blog, but I have to admit that is exactly what I am doing. I totally understand that tough times are not limited to myself.

For the last 10 months the stress that many people are suffering is ‘real’ as it is for me too. Exercise is an idea to combat stress. I have a set of weights, which I’ve had since 2018 and I’d recommend weight lifting to anyone. You do not need a gym membership.

Remember, if you are reading this blog thinking to yourself ‘ why does Helen advertise her website online, whilst we are in the midst of a pandemic’ My website is still online to emphasise that once the lock down rules etc have been lifted and it is safe to do so, we would then be able to meet and meanwhile you’ll be able to read through my website and then determine a date in the future when a window of opportunity away from your Zoom meetings becomes possible so that you and I can enjoy unwinding from the major stress of the last 10 months.

Prior to meeting, if you are able to pre pay a deposit of 50% I would be grateful. I fully understand if you aren’t able to. Alternatively, if you prefer to send via email an Amazon E-gift code this would also be much appreciated, as food can be purchased via Amazon.

Difficult times indeed and more than anything, I hope you are well.

Stay safe. Helen xxxxxx

Published: January 25th, 2021

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