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"World Cup vs Wimbledon"

World Cup vs Wimbledon
by Helen Jameson June 4th, 2018

Busy, busy how remiss of me to not post a blog for the last 3 months.

Time certainly has flown by. Am so glad you are happy with the video’s on my website. A recent comment was: “Helen, you’re photographs and videos are tasteful and intriguing, and the reality when meeting is even better” Thankyou Mr..

Enough about me, how good is it that England won last night. Yes, it was won on penalties but still it was a fantastic win. Fingers crossed England will be celebrating again on Saturday 7th July. Now, you may think ‘Helen is a football fan’ Enthusiastic yes, but not a football fan, but happy nonetheless with last nights result.

Wimbledon is my cup of tea, or should I say Champagne and strawberries. The stamina, utter dedication and endurance levels are absolutely astonishing and always showing respect for their chosen sport. Once thought to be an elite sport, but always available to those keen enough to become part of the great few. Ascot was fabulous as always and the stunning ‘Shades Of Blue’ and ‘Tribute act’ each had a great day, well done to both the jockeys, horses, not forgetting the owners/trainers.

And for Saturday 7th July

‘ Good Luck’ England and have pride in flying our flag.

Published: June 4th, 2018

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