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"Thank you "

Thank you
by Helen Jameson September 9th, 2022

Thank you

Such a sad time, with the passing of Queen Elizabeth yesterday.

Yes, you’ll have read many articles in the newspapers, as I have too but there are no words to describe the immense love that we have and always will have for Queen Elizabeth.

‘Thank you’ somehow doesn’t seem enough.

If we all feel this way, then imagine the enormous heartache that King Charles feels, along with his children and his grand-children.

Everyone knows there is a ‘departure lounge of life’ a time when one of our relatives enter that phase and no matter how often we pray for them, we know their time is limited.

And then the sad reality hits us, when they are no longer with us, it’s that conversation you meant to have, it’s that smile you’ll never see again, it’s the knowledge that they’ll no longer ‘be there’ for us.

Published: September 9th, 2022

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